I just wanted to write to let others know how well your dog training classes worked for my Yellow Lab, Maxwell.  When he was around one year old, I took my boy to you because he just was not listening. By the time he graduated Maxwell became a very well behaved puppy.  He did so well that I decided to take him for a refresher course the next year. Once again he aced your class. Maxwell comes when called, stops in his tracks when I call him back or he will sit if I ask him to.  He once cornered a possum and I thought oh no he’s going to get bitten. I used the command “leave it” and then said “Maxwell come now” and he just walked away and came right to me. Max is now 11 going on 12 and still knows all of the cues you taught us.  I cannot wait to attend your class with our new addition to the pack, Jabba. Thank you so much!


Project Details

  • Friends : Maxwell
  • Client : Jackie Patrick