Gee and Bailey

I met Donna from All4paws Dog Training through the Northampton Township Dog Training Program.  I had just adopted my second dog Gee and a co-worker had just adopted a puppy too so we signed up together.  Donna helped to teach many of the basic training tools like sit, stay, down, etc. It was a different perspective from my training with my first dog, Bailey.  It was a great social experience for my puppy too. She took time to answer many questions from the dog owners during class; even questions I had about my older dog who has always been terrible on a leash.  Because of Donna’s knowledge, I hired Donna to help teach me how to handle Bailey (our older dog) and her different reactions to people and other animals. I had rarely taken Bailey to the park due to my lack of knowledge on how to handle the different situations that would present itself.  Donna gave me the tools I needed to be able to take both dogs to the park confidently. We started small by walking the neighborhood and then she went to the park with me. Also, took 1 of her dogs with us which was great for Bailey. Both of my dogs love to pull on my walks and both dogs are strong being Labs.  Donna taught me how to use a Gentle Leader; which has helped tremendously with our walks and has put me back in control of our walks and not my girls. Donna has such patience with both humans and dogs.

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Project Details

  • Friends : Bailey and Gee
  • Client : Gayle Ford