I adopted Samson in February 2009, and by June 2009 we enrolled into one of Donna’s group classes.  Both owner and furkid were scared and full of anxiety and frustrated with no idea what to do. Samson could not sit still, relied on maximum attention, showed fear and anxiety; which at times was misinterpreted as aggression, and was all over the place. After almost a year, my husband began an “it’s me or the dog” and the relationship between husband and Sam was not always amicable.  That winter/spring Donna came and with private lessons, eased Sam into a less anxious comfortable demeanor. Donna was able to teach Sam and me techniques, strength, and discipline. It has been just over 2 years since I rescued him and thanks to Donna and All4Paws, Samson has been able to remain an integral part of my family. The commands that Donna “trained” both Sam and me are part of daily life; leave it, touch, all done, enough.  Donna’s ability to read and to teach the owner to read the dog (dog psychology) is amazing. We learned to look for what makes your pet (in my case Samson) anxious and to learn when to get out of a situation. The power and strength that Donna gave me, but most of all my Samson, is amazing and words cannot express my gratitude and love for Donna. Three years ago, Sam was a wreck in need of love and structure. Today he is a confident boy (okay, a little anxious at times), he can walk with his head held high, and most of all, he can walk past individuals and (Ssshhh – don’t tell him!) dogs too.  Auntie Donna gave Samson the gift of “functionality”. Samson can function in a house full of 6 people and his fur-brother. Auntie Donna gave Sam the gift of inner peace and trust and with those gifts, gave me the most lovable, playful, 99% of the time well-mannered furkid.


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  • Friends : Samson
  • Client : Dina Huth