Jada, Lexi and Blaze

We were extremely fortunate to meet Donna when she taught a puppy kindergarten class around 14 years ago. My husband and I had adopted our very first pup, Jada, and were just like any new (dog) parent; completely clueless! Donna’s guidance and willingness to answer any and all of our questions was indispensable to us. Jada was a wonderful dog throughout her life and we were always complimented on how well behaved she was which, we always attributed to Donna’s guidance. Fast forward 12 years from our first meeting, our Jada passed and we adopted our second pup, Lexi. We were so thrilled to find Donna once again and enrolled in obedience classes Donna offers through the Northampton Parks and Rec. We could not believe how much we had forgotten about dog training over the years and were once again grateful for Donna’s guidance and never-ending patience. Last summer, we decided that Lexi needed a sibling and adopted our 2 year old Blaze. This was our first time bringing an adult dog into our home and it was also our first time having 2 dogs at the same time. Blaze was having some challenges in adjusting but, with Donna’s guidance and in-home training sessions, we were able to overcome all of his challenges and Blaze was able to swiftly integrate into our family. We are always grateful for Donna’s insights and appreciate how she always makes herself available whenever we have doggie questions. We highly recommend Donna to anyone that ever asks who our trainer is!

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Project Details

  • Friends : Jada, Lexi and Blaze
  • Client : Sabina Perchik