I was a first time “foster mom” to a Pit Bull with a horrific past.  She quickly developed a severe case of separation anxiety, to the point that she was injuring herself and causing extensive damage in the process.  Never having a dog that behaved like this, I was not only confused, but totally distraught as all I wanted was this dog to have the loving life she deserved and not experience fear in her life anymore.  While she spent the night at the hospital for a possible ingestion of a foreign body, I cried at home not knowing what to do. I did not want that dog to ever see a shelter again. That is when a good friend and past client of All4paws recommended I call Donna.  I left a desperate message, and Donna returned my call within a half hour. She listened to my story as I gushed away, and gave me her honest opinion and expert advice on the situation. She stayed on the phone with me as I rambled on in desperation, never trying to “end the call” and the love and compassion that she had for dogs was evident during the entire conversation.  Donna gave wonderful advice all the while never expecting compensation for her time. Donna was my angel that day. While I never used All4paws for formal training (yet), Donna was able to lead me in the right direction, give me a level head, and with a lot of hard work, I am now the happy owner of a anxiety free, joyful dog, living the life she so deserves. Please do not hesitate to use All4paws Training, as you will have the pleasure of dealing with a talented professional with a true love of dogs.  Thanks Donna!

Project Details

  • Friends : Dutch
  • Client : Shay Hoffman